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Link Plus ECU Problems

yellow munson

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Ashley, We have a link plus on a 92 VR4 3000GT that was originally made for an eclipse. I sent the Ecu back to you and it was configured for the VR4. During the process of install, the ecu databoard was damaged and was sent back to you for repair and was repaired many months ago. However, the problem we are having is there is either a software problem or seems to be the ECU problem. We got this message on the computer....retrieve aquired prel3 error....incorrect number of bytes returned... and we also got the message...Link disconnected due to excess of aquire error. The symptoms on the car are: Ignition break up ( New ngk plugs gapped at 0.28, new plug wires) The inginition break up or "miss" does occur at above 16 PSI. However, when it does happen, it is not a constant miss, but more like a high load miss. The A/F ratio is between 11.6 and 11.7 across the board under boost. We also put a 116 octane race gas to see if the detonation problem would correct but it did not solve the problem. Could you please respond and also send a email to [email protected] Thank you for all your assistance. Brent Barrett

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Chances are you are using the wrong verison of PCLink.  For your ECU you should be using PCLink V2.5.  Dont use version 3 or later.  If you are using the correct PCLink version, then try reinstalling and see if the problem goes away.

You need to find out if the ECU is causing your misfire or something on the engine.  Once you get PCLink up and running you will be able to check for stable RPM signals and trigger errors.  If you have access to an oscilloscope you can check ECU outputs while the fault is occurring.

It is possible that you are having interference problems on the trigg3er signals.  More often than not these problems are caused by spark loss...

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