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USDM Subaru trigger setup

Kelly Gordon

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What trigger mode would I need to use to run a USDM 2.0L WRX motor with my G4 extreme?  I was going to go with Subaru V1-6 but also heard that Subaru V7-10(JDM) could be used.  Engine has Cosworth USDM cams and USDM fixed cam gears w/ reluector type cam position sensor.  Thanks.



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What age is the engine ? the trigger wheels changed in 2001 when the new model car came out. You need to select based on that, not what cams are fitted.


How many teeth are on your crank trigger wheel ? Old cars had 6 unevenly spaced. New model cars have 36 in theory, although almost half of them are missing


that's an easy way to identify age.

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