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Timing Offset Rx7 s8


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Hey can anyone tell me if this seems odd: I set the timing offset as per instructions from link in help file, with 5 ATDC and a offset of -37 which to me sounds alot of adjustment needed on factory sensors. Is this normal? Ive heard of offsets of -6 -7 and 0 but mine -37!!

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:) Yes I checked mine with Hella Timing light and she was -6 offset required. General warning to others who might not check this do not use the default file Link supply for the FD3S as it has 0 as an offset so it will be over advanced by 6 degree's which is not a nice thing. The other default file they supply that has 1600cc injector secondaries uses an off set of -7 deg. Most of the ones now I have checked fall in the -6 to -7 range and as the FD3S is fixed (non adjustable) then you should find most will fall within this range, if you are out of this then check that you have tested it correctly.
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