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Closed loop lamba, variable AFR's.


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As a general rule AFR's are usually too unstable at idle when big cams are used.  Note that our definitions of BIG cams may not be exactly the same.  If your engine can idle with a steady 13.5 then the cams may not be that wild and using CLL would probably be OK.  We plan to release an AFR table soem time in the future (no date set yet) that would allow you to do what you want, so for now set the lockout above idle...

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Yeah they're only 272/272 with 11 mm lift so not to big and idle is quite easy to control but it loves to idle at 13.5. At 14.7 it sounds lumpy :)

That AFR table will be awesome when it arrives.

Something else I've noticed is the voltage effects the wideband dither. Voltage to low and it will cause the dither to run lean. Voltage to high and the dither is rich. I am using the injector voltage compensation to adjust but not sure if this is the correct way as when CLL is turned off the AFR's are fine again. Maybe a dither for different voltages would work? I've used an innovate and turboxs wideband and both had the voltage compensation issue.hmmmm

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The dither voltage effectively sets the AFR target.  You set the dither voltage to the voltage that your WB controller outputs at 14.7:1.  You will also need to invert your WB controllers output so it goes from 5-0V with low to high AFR, not 0-5V with low to high AFR.  You can intentionally try to make your CLL run lean or rich by adjusting the target voltage...

Do not use injector voltage compensation to change any AFR's!!!  That compensation is there to allow for battery voltage effects on injector deadtime.  It should be setup once at the start of tuning for a particular set of injectors and never adjusted again...

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