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Evo 8/9 Antilag and Rotational idle settings wanted please

Dynotech NZ

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Does anyone any recommended settings for antilag and rotational idle for the Evo 8/9. Car is a daily driver but used on the track alot. I have the antilag somewhat sorted, but the rotational idle I just cant get right, it stalls the car all the time. I not using a throttle kicker or cracking the throttle plate open with the throttle body screw. I was lead to believe that the ISC could be used to bleed air into the engine Thanks Phil

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HI Phil,

For antilag to work correctly you need air to flow through the engine when you've backed off the throttle, this air is used to keep the turbo spooling, and the antilag retards the timing so the air expands more when leaving the engine rather than in the engine.

The rotational idle is there to stop the engine reving to 3000+ rpm with all the extra air bleeding through. In most cases the ISC doesn't flow enough air and that's why people crack the throttle open.

What some people do in your case is use a solenoid that moves the throttle stop. They activate this when they turn antilag on for the track. This way the engine idles and runs normally on the road, and gains antilag on the track.

Another thing you need to be aware of is with antilag keeping the engine under boost all the time, you might not be making vacuum, and if you have vacuum assisted brakes this can cause issues on the road.

We always recommend that antilag be set-up and tuned by an experienced tuner, what area are you in?


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