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RB30DET Not Revving

Glenn harrison

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I have an RB30DET Laurel with a GTS Link in (Older Version) It has a Turbonetics T3/T4, 550CC RX7 injectors and a Front Facing Plenum. I can start it (After some greif) and it will idle but if you put your foot flat to the floor on idle it will cough splutter then die. I have tried raising the Accel Enrichment to no affect:( Does anyone know what i should try next?

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Hi glenn... Im still learning myself , but im running 550 injecters in a rb 20, mines running pretty resonable ( reving out) Im just waiting for the dyno guy to tweak it properly...Im no expert but you can try what ive got so far????at the moment...ive set the base timming at 10* , with the ecu set at 0 .... then put the ecu at 27* .... fuel pressure rate at 40psi with vacum hose off at idle...master fuel at 32 ....fuel row 1 is 50% ...fuel row 2 is 36% ...fuel row 3 is 34% ...etc ... good luck..... the guys on here im sure will sort you out better than i can...but its somthing to try in the mean time.

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