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RB30DET Not Revving


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I don't know why it didn't post the body of my thread, but anyways, my question is this. I am going to be running the G4 Plug n Play in my Ver5 STi RA and I was curious as to how the DCCD is controlled through the Link ecu. Will it just run as it would on the OEM ECU? Or are there more options of controlling the aggressiveness of the power change through cornering etc..

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No it never goes through the stock ECU normally.  The DCCD controller and the MAP DCCD controller which is used in the second video named 'ECU controls DCCD - part 2' outputs a PWM signal to the center diff which controls lockup.  You can configure an Aux output in Link as a PWM signal to control DCCD also if you wanted but normally the DCCD controller and the ECU don't influence each other.

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