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Twin Turbo Legacy

James Leonard

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Hi, I have a Subaru Legacy MY00 (with the old style ecu), these ecu's cannot be tuned in NZ and it is generally said that aftermarket ecu's such as Link cannot be used because of the twin turbo operation. However I have heard of people using Zerosports Sequential controllers to control the twin turbo change over and using an AM ecu for fueling. Is anyone aware of a Link being used in this way? I am a regular on Clubsub and most other Subaru forums however there is a lot of conflicting information and sky gazers. Dave from Torque Performance said he thought he could use the in/outs on a G4 to control the sequential operation however it may require some R&D.; I'd probably still use the ZS controller but would like to know that others out there were running this setup before starting. Ultimately I'm looking at converting to single turbo if this is a dead end. Thanks for your help. Cheers

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Hi James,

If your Zerosports sequential turbo controller can properly and consistantly sequence the turbos, there is no reason why you couldn't run this setup with a Link ECU. Ideally you wouldnt change your sequencing setup once the ECU has been tuned as this may affect the VE of the system and put your fueling and timing out.


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