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G4 IAT calibration table issue

Richard G

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Hi there. Whilst entering IAT sensor resistance I discovered I can't enter a number higher than 65k ohms. This is a problem as I have 95k at 0deg and 175k at -10deg. Even though its unlikely I'll ever see less than 10 deg IAT, I'm hoping I'll be surprised once pre-turbo water injection is hooked up.

Is there any way around this?

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Hi Richard.

Unfortunatley 65K ohms is the maximum number you can set up in that CAL.  There is a way around this however, and seeing as you are doing your own CAL it shouldn't bother you too much.  Try putting a resistor in parallel with the temp sender.

Effectively as the IAT sensor is a resistor in itself, so the output resistance can be manipulated this way.  This would basically mean bridging the temp channel in question (IAT signal in), to the signal ground wire.  This could be done anywhere on the loom to keep it tidy, even by the main ECU plug.

For example, using a 100K resistor in parallel, will see the 'old' 20K reading, now as 16.6K etc.  Let me know how you get on.  You could choose a specific resistance to run in parallel to get the most out of the span you have to use if you wanted to get that detailed.


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