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g1 lem v5 doesn't start


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hello, i have a fiat uno turbo and i just bought the G1 lem v5 second hand with the wires from a  guy that has the same car.. i put it on but in doesn't start.. i check the spark plug and they dont spark . i try to get in contact but its offline all the time.

thanks for your time

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Hi Kostas.

Have you calibrated the timing on the car/ECU, even though it is the same car it is possible this is not exactly the same as the other.  I do not know the Uno that well, are they the same generation... Maybe one is distributed and tyhe other is wasted spark?  You have to be a little more specific to get a good answer. 

Are you saying you cannot communicate with the LEM with a PC?  If you are not using a native serial port on your PC, check your USB/Serial adapter is seen in the Windows device manager... If it is not there - Make it work and try again.  If you can see it, check it is on a COM port lower than COM10... This can also cause problems.

Here are the links to the manuals you might need, if you haven't already seen them.





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