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LEM G3 - wiring in a knock sensor?

James Wingfield

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I've got a LEM G3 for my MR2 Turbo and I'm about to wire everything up but I'm not sure how to deal with the knock sensor. I have a std sensor already on the car which (I believe) functions by constantly outputing a varying voltage. I need to monitor this voltage and identify whenever the frequency of voltage variation has a component at ???Hz. (I'll find out what the critical frequency is but can't remember it off the top of my head). For now it's not important as I just need to know which input to use for this and if I need to modify the signal before it gets to the ecu. How should this be wired in and does it have to go in as Analog Volt 1 or can I use DI for this? Unfortunately I'm on a laptop with Vista at the moment so can't get the PCLink software working. There may be some tips in there that I haven't seen. Thanks, James

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Hate to dissapoint you but the lem does not have a knock input only the linkplus

you could try bringing it into a ANvolt channel and just view it as a raw value but this will be next to useless for detecting knock

if you want / need knock control you will need to upgrade to a Linkplus G3



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