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G2 cutting out

Dion Parker

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Gidday, I had a G2 installed 9 months ago at Infomotive ,Rotorua The day after I picked up the car it cut out ( engine stops , roll to side of road, key off then restart) It went back and nothing was found. Its started doing this again and it seems to happen when the car is cold. Thats the only thing common to when it happens. sometimes downhill no load, sometimes uphill. When I get a chance I will contact Infomotive again, any ideas

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It would be helpful if you could narrow in on the conditions when it occurs.  Is it a tuning issue where the engine stalls at a certain RPM/load or does the ECU randomly switch off.  The ECU can be sent back for testing if required, but it is often hard to find a problem if it is only intermittent.

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