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Help identifying ECU/programmer and manual?

Jay Agoot

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Hi Jay.

The photo is very unfocused and found it hard to make out.  I think it says on the chip "D42EJAVO".  If so, this is a generic wasted spark set up for Subaru EJ engines.  This was done for AVO as some good base numbers to start with. 

You could use this on any wasted EJ, but would still require a twiddle on the master fuel number and tuning of course.  It will not work as it is, for ANY other make of vehicle other than a Subaru.  This does not include Forrester, but some of those MAY even work with it.

It's base is a G1 LEM type unit, with a customised chip to make tuning a bit faster and easier for those that were doing a lot of these.  It has 2 ignition, 2 fuel, and no anti-lag.

This is probably the closest manual that will work for you...




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