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Electrical speedo

Benjamin Julian

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Ok i have just come accross the exact same problem to discover the G1 V5 has no speedo output. This is the gauge i had intended on using a>a> Ok so what options do i have? Can the software be upgraded? How would you nowmally run a speedo of a link G1 V5? mechanically of the box? Can i get an adaptor for the mechanical gbox drive to send to the speedo? or use a bike speedo? the gauge i have can be calobrated on the back of it.

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Hi Chris.

Under any normal circumstances, the speedo out was always accompanied by a mechanical device (gearbox to dash and not run by the ECU at all).  I do believe there are such devices out there though. 

I couldn't recommend any specific ones to use, only confirm they exist (mechanical in/digital out).  The V5 just can't do speedo stuff.  Going for a later model Link platform is the only way around this, G2 or later. 


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