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Anyone got a 1UZ tune i could use.....

Joseph Ottesen

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Got my 1uz running on a base setup (G3 Plus) but it is foulling up plugs left right and centre (maybe not centre i guess) Does any one have a tune saved that would suit it so i can drive it between home and the workshop to do finnishing touches before paying for a tune..... any help would be appreciated, cheers (standard injectors, mitsi wasted spark)

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Hi Joseph.

PCLink 3.4 that you would be using, already has a couple of maps for this engine in the base maps folder.  They are not fully tuned, they are designed to run an engine to drive on to a dyno or trailor kind of thing. 

I would never advise to drive on these really, so it's up to you what you do with this information.  There are a few variations with this engine too, so just check all of your I/O's are responding correctly if you do use one of these.


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