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Which ECU / wideband?

Jan Tetzlaff

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I have a 1992 rev2 MR2 turbo (sw20) with a built forged 3S-GTE engine, currently running standard ECU/440cc injectors/CT20b (rev3+) turbo. I'm looking for an ECU which will allow me to get rid of the terrible rev2 AFM and allow for more fueling (550cc for start) to get the maximum out of the better turbo (I can only run 1.0 bar currently on the 440cc's, with 550cc's I should be able to run 1.2-1.3 on a cold day).

What MAP / MAT sensors can be used with Link ECU's ? are there recommended ones?

Would Link Atom be enough or should I go for a bigger one ?


Cheers and thanks for any replies in advance,


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Hi Jan.

Our ST205 Celica/MR2 plug in should fit your vehicle without issue if you have all of the OE wiring loom in there.  It has been specifically designed and pinned out to match your plug with minimal to no wiring needed.  This plug in does not have an on-board MAP sensor as the car has an OE one fitted to the car already.  However the boost you want to put in to it may not be handled by this sensor natively, requiring you to purchase an external one.

My recommendation for you at this stage is to go for this plug in, and an external Link MAP sensor.  The 2.5bar should be enough for you at this stage, as it can do up to 1.5bar positive or ~22lbs.  If you plan to use a higher boost setting than this in the future, I would go for the Link 4bar MAP sensor allowing for up to ~43lbs of boost (3bar positive pressure).  If you have not got the OE wiring harness in the car, a G4 Storm should be your next pick. 

The G4 Storm has a 4bar sensor already on board, so if you went this way an external one should not be required.  With either of these systems, you will be able to ditch the MAF restriction as you will be tuning against a MAP load only and it will not be needed.


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