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13B-REW Engine Management Questions


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Hi All,

New to the forum :)

I am currently building a race engine for my FD3S and have been very interested in the G4 RX ECU.

The specification of the build will be

  • 13B-REW Bridge Ported Motor
  • Turbonetics T62-1 Ceramic BB Turbo
  • Xcessive Engineering LIM
      • 4 x ID1000 injectors in secondary channels
      • 2 x OEM 550cc injectors in Primary Channel
  • AEM Water/Methanol Injection

I have a few questions before I commit to buying the G4 which I hope you could answer.

  1. I will be running 6 injectors, can this be done with the G4 RX unit?
  2. Can I run different maps for different fuel mixtures (95/99/99+Methanol)
  3. Can I cut ignition at the limiter instead of fuel (stock ECU & APEXI)

thanks for your time and I hope I get some informative answers



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six inkectors is no problem, yes you can run as many maps as you like just load each one as you want it from your lap top or you can set up a couple to work from a digital input yes you can have ignition cut instead of fuel


give me a call if you like on 06 7548336  

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