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Front Oxygen sensor STI V9

Niklas Adolfsson

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I am trying to get use for the front lamda sensor with a Link G4 PNP for my JDM STI V9. On a JDM it sits right after the twinscroll turbo.

I have been reading the manual and clicking around in PCLink, but I cant find that it is used? I only see its possible to activate the rear sensor.

The signal comes to B84:29 on the contacts for the ECU and heater signal is on B84:4 or 5. I have measured and the ecu doesnt send out any signals with the PNP installed.

Want to use it for closed loop lambda. What AN Channel should I choose?

Maybe its as easy as plugging the front lambda contact into the rear contactsupply and activate it?

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Hi Niklas.

I believe the Subaru sensors act as a quasi wide band (in short not the real thing).  I am not sure how you would make that work for you.  My understanding is the AFR/Lambda correction it is not going to really work with it.  I know that if you used an LC-1 or NGK AFX wide band kit or the likes, then it would work just fine.  You really want something that can output 0-5v in relation to O2.


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