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Re: Mr2 low power output

stephen miles

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Hi Stephen.

This is one of those times that more info would be good.  I am assuming at this stage you have a GEN 1 SW20 Turbo.  There are a few paths we could go down, but are there anymore clues? 

Knowing if you are rich/lean at this point would help a lot... Do you have an AFR reading hooked up at all?  Are there miss fires, is it BANG ON 4100RPM every time.  Does the power fall away in a snap, or over a few seconds?

Anything you think may help...




Previously stephen miles wrote:

I have an MR2 running G1 when it reachs 4100 rpm the power just dramatically falls away.The boost presure and fuel and ignition timing are all correct, Any body got any idears


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