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XY-plot problem


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I spent some time with the XY Plot on PC LINK 5.4.3. Unfortunately the XY plot shows just very little data. Has somebody an idea what could be wrong? Of course I tried alot with the coursor and zoomed the whole log out. 



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Hi mapper,

have you changed the indicator from circle to dot or x format.

What parameter settings are you using for the boost monitoring, like what are the property settings you are using for the XY plot.

The data on that screen pretty much shows me you logged around the 3250 to 3750 rpm area and stayed in vacuum, no boost, didn't even go to WOT.



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yes I tried already to change indicator. 

x-parameter is RPM

y parameter actualy MGP, but also with other channels i just get a few datapoints. Looks like it takes just a few seconds of the log ratter than the selected range. 

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