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Ecu Settings table


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Thanks Dave. 

Even if we could add attachments to the file. I've got bits everywhere. When I set up a PWM 3d chart the duty cycles don't mean much until you cross reference duty cycle to voltage then to water flow. Once you see my file you will understand. Having all that in one place would be nice.


Wiring is another situation, if you could attach wiring diagrams could save a tunner fault finding time. Plus it won't get lost.

Just ideas.



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Hi Ducie,

all good, all ideas are what make great ECU's even better.

I am not sure how these files are handled so if they impact the storage of the main processor they may not do it.

I sometimes use NOTEPAD or EXCEL etc.

However I am so used to using project books for each car that I have never thought of your suggestion.

I will ask Simon to pass it on to the Engineers, he may also have the reasons for or against such an idea.

Suggestions on the wish list are all taken note of, it is volume demand from the users such as yourself that dictate what features get added etc .



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