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G4 GTSlink - an volt outputs


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I've started setting up my G4 gtslink and from what i can read from the pinouts, it has 2 an volt outputs onboard (1x internal map, 1x spare (car is not a gtr) and 1x extra with the xs loom.

Would I be correct in saying that if I run a wideband and an oil pressure sensor that the're all used?

Can the an volt 1 for the internal map sensor be reused (i.e. for external map sensor), obviously with some soldering by the looks of it.

The other sensors I'd like to add long term if possible would be external map sensor (when I'm at that point of requiring one) and a fuel pressure sensor.  

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Hi JohnRambo,

you can always reassign your inputs that are not being used , such as MAF sensor and narrow band sensor,i normally swap the narrow band out for wideband and use it for tuning if the customer doesn't want the wideband permanently.

I use MAF for IAT sensor etc.

Then switch back to narrow band for CLL.

Buying an expansion cable is always a wise choice, you also pick up spare digital inputs.




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