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Converting from V44 to I44


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Hi all,

I am considering converting from a V44 to I44 ECU - mainly for the knock control.  The V44 is in good shape and only gently used - so I think I can sell it and recoup the cost of the upgrade to the i44.

A few questions

1. I understand the i44 has individual cylinder knock control built it - I do not need an external knock module like the V44 is that correct?

2. How does the i44 knock wiring work - is it simply wiring up the knock sensor (mine a bosch) to the DI3 and sensor ground of the i44?

3. Would it be easy to convert from a V44 to i44?

-The harness pinout is the same so for me there would be minimal modification to the wiring.

-My setup is currently for an 1989 bmw m3 2.3L NA 4 cyl.  Running magnetic crank (12 teeth no missing) and cam sensor (1 tooth).   Sequential COP (s2000 coils)  Sequential high impedence injectors.  Knock sensor would be a bosch.  Running bosch idle control valve.  MAP tubing connected to the internal MAP sensor nipple of vipec.   Canbus running.  Tuning is TPS vs RPM based.

-Would I have to modify the tuning PCL file at all?  would any of the existing maps be affected by the new hardware or software?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi jycheung,

1. No, you do not require an external knock amplifier or device.

2. Yes wire up the Bosch Knock sensor to DI3 and sensor ground.

Make sure DI 3 is set to off.

Select KNOCK CONTROL and enable it as KNOCK INTERNAL.

3.To convert to i44 from V44 is very simple and as you have already discovered apart from DI3 being used for Internal Knock input everything is the same.





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