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Oil pressure sensor issue!

Richard Hainsworth

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Hi all, have noticed another slight issue with my setup, its a g3/4 (upgraded yesterday) and am running a honeywell 150psi oil pressure sensor, with key on engine off sensor is at 0.88 volts, this shows up as 14.3 psi or 143kpa, what would cause this? is it a faulty sensor? I'm running the 150psi ti sensor calibration.

not ideal really as it should show 0psi i would think?



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Hi Richard,

I am not sure how similar the TI (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) OIL PRESSURE sensor 150 psi  calibration is compared to HONEYWELL 150 psi calibration.

So you have 5 volts reference going to the sensor

Sensor signal is going to an Analogue volt input

Sensor negative is going to sensor ground NOT EARTH

If you have terminated the sensor as above then I would be checking the calibration values.



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