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Atom question

sanad maghaireh

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Good day Sanad.

The Atom will need to have direct access to the TPS, MAP, injectors and ignition circuits. The AIT and ECT may be shared. What would the factory ECU be left in place for? If I can better understand the need for the factory ECU staying in place then I can better answer your question. In hindsight, the CAN output on the Atom should be able to replicate OBD-II, will this aid your effort?


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thanx for respond 

in first want tell u my setup 

D17 engine vtec sohd obd2

i boost it and i will use it daily .. use a/c without problems in future .. so my tuner told me that want to keep the factory ecu to can controll the idle and allowing  to pass emissions, scan for codes and problems, and use the port to run OBD-II gauges and use Atom for VTEC and timing . fan . etc 

i think its close to piggy back system .. butiam dont know if it work goid and safty to my engine . 



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I would advise what you are proposing, however, if you can indicate the sensors and actuators you would like the stock ECU and Atom to share I would gladly give you some feedback.

Ultimately you EFI calibrator has to be comfortable with the installation because he's the one in charge of the end result you will get. In addition, to be fair, the Atom might run out of inputs and outputs to support an OEM D17 which has been turbocharged. Here's a rough breakdown of how I believe the inputs and outputs will be used

4 injector channels - all in use

1 ignition channel - supports single coil setup 

3 spare ignition channels - fuel pump, rad fan and AC clutch

2 analog temps inputs - air and coolant temperature 

3 analog voltage inputs - TPS, MAP & AFR/Oil Pressure/Fuel Pressure

2 digital inputs - AC request & start position/logging/high boost/non-driven wheel speed

4 auxiliary outputs - tachometer signal, switched cam (VTEC), boost solenoid, 2 wire idle control solenoid

CAN channel - support for OBD-II output

To be honest this setup can be a bit much for the Atom but it should be able to work well enough for what you are looking to do. The Storm will work better giving more control, but as I said, working with your calibrator's advisories may be best.


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Good day Mapper.

Apparently I was mistaken in my advisory and as a result I have ill informed Sanad, my apologies. You may not share the analog temperature channels on the Atom ECU, this is only possible with all other Link ECUs where the pull-up resistor can be disabled. Disabling the pull-up allows the signal to be shared. I myself don't practice this as I prefer to have the peace of mind knowing that my channels have been connected individually. Sanad asked about a parallel install and not best practice, however, as I previously mentioned, having his calibrator weigh in might be his best bet. Assuming his calibrator will be doing the installation.

From Sanad's feedback I gathered that there was a misunderstanding with respect to what the Atom was able to manage, that's why I took the time to outline how best the available channels can be used. I hope that my perspective was helpful.

Thanks for raising the point Mapper, cheers!

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