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differential fuel pressure tables-fury


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Hi im after some guidance as to what figures need to be put in the differential fuel pressure axis when setting up 3d tables in fuel injector deadtimes, I have id 2000 injectors and i have all the deadtimes scaled vs voltage and fuel pressure but not differential fuel pressure, does this axis also need to be in psi or kpa as my fuel pressure is measured in psi, I do have a 5 bar map sensor installed into a av input.

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The pressur on the injector dazasheet is always differential pressure! 

Lets imagine you have fixed fuel pressur @3bar and you run 3bar of boost. The i jectors wil open, but no fuel will be injected, because differential pressure is zero. 

So axis on 3d deathtime table must be differential fuel pressure.

Just convert to Psi on the sheet to kpa and put numbers in. Alternatively change the unit setting in PC Link to fill the axis with PSi values. 


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