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Motec M800 to G4+ plug in


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Hi all,  I bought a G4+ plug in a while ago and will soon swap out my M800 for it. I did it for a number of reasons, ease of use, knock control ,logging in the one program, only thing was no onboard wide band, so have a KMS  can unit as well. 

Where I live in Japan no one tunes a Motec or Link, there is a dynapack down the road but its in an Auto Style warehouse (autobacs) and only for dyno pulls to get a power sheet. They will not rent it out to DIY tuners or any Tuner.  So until I find a sympathetic tuning shop close by that I can do some steady state tuning myself, then a road tune is  the best I can do till then.

So to set up my config file (wanted to do modeled but will start with traditional) I was thinking of transferring all the data from the Motec file ie Fuel, master fuel, injector timing, ignition etc. obviously using the same xy scales. and will just back off the ignition timing 2 or 3 degrees and hopefully I should be reasonably close and able to drive it to a long slow isolated hill road close to me haaa to get the fuel right.

Its an r33 gtr which I have owned for 15 years and its running a 2.8 Tomei internals 9.0:1 compression. presently running around 410awkw with garret 5s, engine recently stripped down for check and renewed bearing rings etc.( I'm into planned maintenance).  Putting a single EFR 8374 on soon as well so I do not want to bugger anything up.

I can throw it on a car truck and take it somewhere in Tokyo (5hrs)  but that's no fun. 

Please tell me what you think and all advice taken onboard.






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Hi Michael,

I did just that but you need to note that in terms of RPM*Load, Motec supports 40*24 whereas Link does 22*20.

If your existing M800 maps exceed 22 rpm sites and 20 load sites then you must first decide what your new rpm and load sites will be which fits within Link's 22*20. Open your latest Motec tune map and change the fuel and ignition axes (hit 'A' for axis setup when in fuel and ignition maps (hit F5)). Then once you entered them all in and click OK, Motec will ask if you want to interpolate the values, hit Yes.

From here, click Tool-Save Table and save the fuel and ignition maps as csv (comma separated variable) files.

Go to PCLink, setup the exact axes (hit 'X' for axis setup when in fuel (F) or Ignition (I)), and then right click on map, Import/Export-Export to File.

Open the Link .lte files with notepad or your favourite text editor, then cut and past in row by row from the Motec csv file onto the .lte file and re-save under a new name. Note that the .lte file has all the values in a single line by going across entire rpm range for each load site in ascending order.

Once done, go back to PCLink and right click on map, Import/Export and select Import from File. You should see that all your previous Motec values are now in the Link environment.

Last but not least, upload that file onto your Link ECU. You may also need to recalibrate the trigger with a timing gun and adjusting the offset in PCLink.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Foo,  

Thanks for the tips . much appreciated. 

I was going to interpolate it all and just enter it manually but you have given me an easier way for sure. Cheers!

After confirming your base timing with a light how did it run and how close was it?

Your info helps a lot.

Thanks  and best regards,




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