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Out of tables


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Was setting up things on a mates evo. It needed dual fuel, ignition & boost tables & antilag which all set up ok. But when i went to set up the launch control it came up with a message that said the ecu had run out of tables - whats the go here?

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Well you are out... You got 12 to play with on the G4, thats it. Look at the menu under "table allocation" and you`ll see whats it all about.

Upgrade to a G4+ and you get 30 "tables" to play with.

Thats one of the downsides with this thing...

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I see. The guy that owns the car is really peeved off over this. He spent good money to buy the ecu cause it was advertised as being able to do all of these functions, but when it comes to the crunch it clearly can't.


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