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HKS 800cc injector 14002-AK001


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This may not be directly associated with the Link G4+, but my Nissan BNR32 is running the HKS 800cc 14002-AK001 injectors. However, I am unable to find information on the dwell time/latency of the injectors. Anyone has information on this? Thank you.

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Hi hspeck..... These are very non linear injectors and I assume that you will have a difficult time getting these dialed in. SARD / HKS only uses 1.6 ms as a base latency for unknown voltage. They will be a pain to dial in at idle. I have worked with a few of these. They take a little longer then normal. 

Start with these settings. 


11.00v 12.00v 13.00v 14.00v 15.00v

1.94ms 1.78ms 1.62ms 1.52ms 1.42ms

You will need to dial this in more. It involves logging STFT and LTFT as well as Average IPW and bit of math and time. Fuel pressure on these injectors plays a huge roll as well. I think that SARD / HKS rates the base @2bar so if you run @3bar you will be changing the values, as this injector is most likely a 845cc injector.

I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to PM me or email me for more assistance. [email protected]



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Where abouts are you based?

If you're in New Zealand I've got an injector test bench and can work out exact deadtimes, injector linearity, CC rating, and build a pulsewidth adder table etc.

But only if they're top feed and high imepdance, and you'll need to let me know what pressure they run at.

Send me a PM if interested.

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I had lots of idle trouble and found that it was because my deadtimes were way off.

If those particular injectors are easy to sell, in the long run you might be better off getting some injectors that come with better info.

The ID850 comes with an awesome set of data.


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