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Nissan Skyline Boost pressure dropped


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Hi all, Ive got a R33 Nissan Skyline RB25DET which runs a forged engine and GT35R turbo, the car was set up with a G4+ with 2 boost setting one at 1.2 bar and a higher mode of 1.6bar which got me just short of 500RWHP.

I recently took the car across to the Nurburgring were i noticed i had lost some boost my lower boost is only running 0.7bar and my higher boost is 1.2bar.

I have checked all my pipe work and cant find any sort of boost leak and i have changed the 3 port boost solenoid and dump valve and it is still performing the same,could it be possible for there to be an issue with the boost switch its just seem strange that when im in lower boost it seems that im getting the wastegate spring pressure .7bar and then in higher im getting what is meant to be my lower boost setting.

No setting on the map has been changed at all as no one has been into it since the map was done and when im on boost it holds stable and pulls strong im just not getting the pressure it should be.

One thing i did notice when i switched it in to higher boost and put it into 3rd for a run i did get the EML flash a few times but then it went so i plugged the ecu into my laptop and there was no error code.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Sounds like there could be a possible wiring issue. But like Gojira said. We would need a log post so we can take a look. Pull up the run time tab and look at the DI input the switch is wired to and confirm it is actually changing. If so and the map is switching over. Then you might have an issue where load has changed because of multiple conditions and you would need to setup CL boost control. 

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