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Layout settings and display


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Hi ,

I have a problem with the layout selection recently. Yesterday I was trying on a new Map settings and everything was fine with my customized layout info display. 

After getting back to the previous Map, the mini computer in my car started as normal but it Displayed the Link Help page. As usual thinking this would be a power recycling issue for the computer, I checked all the necessary settings on the Preferences , exited the menu, saved and stored. When I click on the icon to start the Link application, the original Layout I set earlier was gone. I tried to Load the Layout I saved but could not be done and there is an error message saying it could not be loaded. What is the issue with this?

An attempt to set a layout on the laptop and connecting to the ECU and storing it there doesn't work either, as most of the info display such as the gauge view has a red background and the needles don't work.

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So you were working on your mini computer, had everything set up, you saved your layout.

You came back some time later and the mini computer was turned off?

Did you close PCLink after you saved your layout? or did the computer shut down with PCLink running?

Can you please post the layout that does not work?

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Hi Dave, sorry earlier I was trying to load the layout file i was using before this one was created. I will send you the layout file later.

But still with this new layout you get all those red highlights and the analog gauge dont work. If you see the coolant temperature gauge,  i right clicked and when into manual setting to adjust the colour and it worked.

Can i know why it doesn't exactly follow the settings made with the laptop? The engine speed curve gauge settings doesn't have the x1000rpm increment, need to manually adjusted. Please advise.  




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