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Paul Hassell

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Morning all.

We are running 2x G4+ Storm ECUs on a Twin Engined race car, my problem is that we only do short races ( probably less than 5 minutes each) and I would like to save individual data log files for each race from each ECU.

Is it possible to program the ECUs to save the data to a seperate file everytime the ignition is turned off, or do I have to keep downloading and saving the data manually after each race, or trying to split the data I get at the end of a meeting so I can analyse individual races.

Thanks in advance


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You can only download one log file, but are you aware of the option to overlay a previous log against the one you're looking at? You can then align them as needed so you could look at both engines at once.

You open your first log, then open the 2nd. 
Then go to log file manager and put a tick in the box of the first log. 
Then it will show both. You can hold down mouse button on the time scale at the bottom to align the logs.

Then you could align the "splits" from when engines get turned off/on in order to check the results from each race. 



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