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ross trigger issue rb30


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hi guys just wanted to post this to help other that may come accross it

i purchased an r31 with rb30 in it and ross trigger setup

it had honeywell gt101's on it at the time

i rewired the car and in the process replaced the honeywells with cherry alternatives

when car runs i found that i was getting no consitent trigger errors 30-40/5min period

after help form adam and simon and rossĀ (all were extremely helpfull) found that the particular pickup i have was one which ross dont make anymore due to having trigger errors

you can see in the trigger scopes below a normal cycle and i was lucky enough to trigger scope right when an error occured which you can see is the large pulse inbetween the two cam pulses

this is caused by the cherry sensors being sensitive enough to pickup the balencing hole inside the pickup opposite the cam pulse.

(honeywell sensors as far as im awear have some sort of integrated filtering which stops this occuring)

ross have very kindly said they will replace the pickup

thanks again to simon and adam esspecially who made fault finding this alot easier





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