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Could someone look at my log and tune?


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Hey everyone, I'm new to tuning, and had a g4+ installed and tuned by a shop.  After getting it back I kept hitting different limiters, like they didn't set it up right or something.  I don't know if I trust the shop anymore.  Could someone look at this and let me know whats going on?  

When I first got it back my injector duty cycles where going over 100%, the shop said to raise my base fuel pressure, which I did up it another 10 psi.  Now I'm finally able to hit the redline, but I"m getting some knock, and I'm concerned.  

My car is a 2005 evo 8.  I guess I'd like to find someone who is really good with this software, and could help me get on the right path.  I'd much rather learn to tune it myself, then put trust in the local shops. I'd be willing to pay for someones time, I don't expect anything for free.  

Log 2017-09-8 5;28;55 pm.llg

REV 4.pclr

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Quite a few things i question or would change here.

You have charge temp aproximation on, AND iat and warmupenrichment on. Thats not supposed to be like that. Chargetemp aproximation table doesnt look right either.

You are running E85 and relatively low boost yet to me your timingfigures seem pretty low. Now i dont know evos but that cant be right. Is the trigger calibrated (Is a timinglamp showing the same as the numbers in the ecu?)

You have (as far as my google fu can tell) injectors that have a 3D deadtimetable available. Make the deadtime table 3D and fill it in correctly. Then in the main fuelsetup type in the current fuel base pressure and flow  numbers based on reality. (You would need a retune after this so leave it if you are not going to.)

Your limiters have a delay of 3 full seconds before they cut in. You r engine wont take 3 seconds at wot with no oilpressure.

Your running closed loop lambda all the time and it is alowed to make up to +-15% changes. even at WOT. Although some do this i wouldnt personaly risk that my sensor faults at wot and the ecu takes out 15% fuel. But thats just me.

If my findings about low timingnumbers are real i doubt the engine is really knocking. In that case knock control isnt set right.

I would get a fuelpresure sensor hooked up and use FP referenced fuel type system. Just because its awsome...

Fuel charge cooling coefficient isnt set right for e85

Fuel density temp coefficient isnt set fofr e85

Fuel dencity at 20 deg isnt set for e85

Engine size is set to 2.4 litres. Is this right?

Thats a start at least...

But the fuel table LOOKS pretty though. Maybe too pretty for a real engine.

HPAcademy.com is your friend.

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Steve wow just wow, thanks for taking the time to look at that, and make your recommendations.  I"m going to check out hpacademy.com for sure.  Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I was right to not trust the shop that did the work.  I paid for the car to be tuned, and all of this to be setup, and I don't want to admit how much they took me for.  It's time to start doing this myself, after I read and read and read.  The block is the 4g64 so it's actually a 2.4 so atleast they got that right.  I'm going to work step by step through what you put up there.  If you have paypal private message me an address and I'll make sure you get some dollars in it for helping me. Thanks so much!

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Tuning is alot of fun so dont feel bad for whats ahead.

The helpfile in PCLink is very good. You can learn alot from that alone also.(incase you havent figured it already, just click on something and press F1)

Not in here for any economical gains. Im just trying to help where i can as this stuff is something i.. well just enjoy alot.... Save it for hpacademy ;)

Could be other aspects in your tune that i didnt see at first glance. And not all of the onec i did see are THAT bad. Just little things that would make for an even better tune The "modeled fuel equation" calls for good data put into the system for it to work correctly...

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I checked out hpacademy and I'm watching the free basic videos now and they are great, I'm going to sign up later today for the full course!  That site is exactly what I was looking for, I'm betting this will probably be my best investment into the car ever.  Everything I've learned so far was in the helpfile, so ya super good info in there. 

You're a stand up dude Steve, thanks so much!!

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