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How would you drive an Electric Water Pump for Engine Coolant


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I am deleting my OEM belt driven water pump and Thermostats, replacing it with EWP150 Electric Water Pump soon and like to seek advise on how you would run yours? Using which function. This car is 70% track, 30% road use.

Should I use one of the Aux channel to run PWM? Is it necessarily?

Or should I use GP Output? But, how do I overcome the issue of it switching on/off when the temp is at switch over point? Using Timer?


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EWP is an advantage because you can disassociate your water pump speed from engine speed. So you dont get cavitation/pumping losses at high rpm or insufficient circulation at low rpm... 

Think about what happens in a normal engine when your thermostat is shut. 
Coolant still circulates around the block, its just partitioned the engine coolant circuit from the radiator one.

when you use an EWP as a thermostat, you have no choice but to introduce new cool coolant every time you want to circulate coolant around the engine. 

Depending on where your coolant temp sensor is, this can lead to see-sawing of the EWP turning off and on when the temp sensor sees this coolant change. 

In my opinion, best way to use EWP is to set it to pretty much constantly circulate engine block coolant and then just keep a thermostat in place to do the job of a thermostat. Which is to introduce cold coolant when necessary.

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