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rb26/30 no start logs attached


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Hey Guys,

Just got my 26/30 back together, plugged it all back in how it was prior, and its cranking and not firing.

Getting fuel pressure to the rail, haven't checked for spark yet. Have base map and 2x logs attached, both logs are of it cranking trying to start. Is someone able to take a quick look and maybe tell me what's going wrong with her? I have checked and triple checked all plugs are in.

Btw its a ross trigger setup, 36-2



Log 2017-11-27 10;01;29 pm.llg

Log 2017-11-27 10;04;04 pm.llg

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When you say back together, what did you change while it was apart, and did you remove anything that coulf affect the timing? trigger wheels, cams, etc?

What do you mean by not firing - is it close to catching, backfires out the intake, nothing at all?

It looks like its taking quite some time to register RPM after the start signal, and near the end of the cranking the rpm jumps up from ~170 to about 320 so I wonder if your trigger signals have become a bit messed up somehow. Could be worth running a trigger scope capture and checking for anything strange. Maybe need to re-check your base timing if that might have changed with the work you've done.

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