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Boost control

David SR20VET

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Hi All

I'm in the process of setting up closed loop boost control and I've read on he forum that you need to set the Waste gate DC on the boost solenoid to 100% in open loop to determine the maximum boost pressure that can be achieve and then progressively build up your target boost pressure table and waste gate DC to achieve the boost pressure.

Yesterday I set the DC on the solenoid to 100% and the boost pressure achieved was 170 KPa absolute. This is fine as I can adjust the setup to achieve the 200KPa target I'm looking to achieve. My query is however that with the DC set to 20% I can achieve a higher boost pressure than at 100% which doesn't make sense as the maximum boost pressure that should be achieved is at a DC of 100% - Correct?

Can someone please provide some clarity on this.

Ive attached a log of both a 20% DC run and a 100% DC run for viewing.


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Sounds like you have not plumbed your valve in properly, the valve normally bleeds air off to atmosphere from the waste-gate line, so 100% duty will always be max boost and 0% minimum.


There are other ways to do this but this method is the safest / easiest / most common.

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