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  1. ClintBHP

    CAN2 Network Issue

    It should be 60ohm.
  2. Download the latest version of PC Link and try again: https://www.linkecu.com/software-support/pc-link-downloads/
  3. If you are timing the injectors using 'end of injection' then you want to make sure that the injector stops firing as soon as the inlet cam has closed, there is no point in firing it on the back of a closed valve. This is not the problem thought I wouldn't have thought. Please post your map and log for further assistance.
  4. Where is your pclr file, the cam sync seems to be a bit close to the missing tooth for my liking, try change the trigger edge see if that helps.
  5. Send the engine torque as a function of injector duty cycle is a good way of doing it. The stuff error needs looking at check the bus has the correct termination.
  6. If you can get wheel speed sensors on each wheel then it is well worth while just to get an average wheel speed. 4wd - use 4 speed sensors FWD - Use 2 front and 1 rear min RWD - Use gearbox output and one front if you are not likely to lift a wheel, 2 if you are.
  7. 0 will disable the speed function and it will work fine.
  8. Upgrade both your PCLink and the ECU Firmware to the latest version, looks like a mismatch to me.
  9. I would move to a TPS based fuel table and compensate for MAP on a 4D table.
  10. ClintBHP

    ECU Unlock fails

    Message me the serial number and unlock code and I will check it is correct.
  11. 2 step works well, use a Digital input with an enable switch and the launch activation switch in series and use that to enable a lower rev limit, and a 4d ignition and a 4d fuel table.
  12. R56 is Direct Injection, so needs a Force GDI, plus a Pump Conversion.
  13. Man you need that ECU tuned, the fuel table is amazingly poor, no wonder you have a flat spot the table disappears down a cliff edge.
  14. ClintBHP

    ARF Choice

    No Brianer, the Link CAN Lambda as we have the ability to see the controller status of the sensor, plus the ECU can extend the life of the sensor by many fold due to starting and stopping the heater at the correct times.
  15. You just need the cam sync to be in the middle of 2 of the crank teeth, use triggerscope to align then calibrate the trigger.
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