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Fuel Relay Trigger / Engine Temperature / New ECU


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Morning folks,

Sorry if this has been covered but I have done some reading and used the search function and still need some clarification if anyone's game?

I am helping a mate with the wiring of his G4+ Storm and I can't seem to get a couple of things straight in my head, my own fault no doubt :)

1. ECU's I've wired in the past have had a dedicated ECU pin as a fuel pump trigger, which you send to a 'normal' 4-Pin relay wired with power in (30), power out (87), an switched live (86) and the aforementioned ground trigger from the ECU to kick things off (85)... what's the score with this on the G4+? Have I totally missed it or is it not present?

2. On Loom A there is an "Engine Temperature" label, what is this referring to? Oil or coolant? I noticed it said these have no set function in the supplied booklet so presumably if you wanted to run both you'd use Temp 1 on Loom A for Intake Temp as it is, Temp 2 on Loom A for your chosen oil or coolant sensor and then Temp 3 on Loom B for whichever of your chosen sensors were left?

Any help is greatly appreciated and as said I know this is me missing a piece of the puzzle, so please don't take this as anything besides me being a bit slow on the uptake :huh:


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1) Any Aux out can be used for Fuel Pump Relay.

2) All Temp inputs can be set for pretty much anything, I personally always set Temp1 to Water, Temp 2 to Inlet Air 


All inputs and outputs of a given type can be changed to what ever you want, Link are not fixed like many brands of ECU.

One thing I would highly recommend is setting up the ECU first and planning what pin does what, a crib sheet comes inside the ECU box for this purpose.

You can set all the settings up inside the MAP and then terminate the loom.

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Thanks Clint, that's a great help and I appreciate your reply :)

I'm taking your advice and doing a wiring diagram / filling in the crib sheet first before actually touching any of the wires.

Good to know as the fuel pump relay was my main concern, I noticed the Aux outputs were configurable but didn't know if they'd give a ground trigger.

Thanks again, top bloke:)

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