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Trigger setup for 36-1 crank & 1 pt Cam.


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i have looked through a few threads but was not fully sure on setup for Link Fury on a Cosworth YB engine:

1. Where to set the 1 missing tooth on the Crank 36-1 pulley with respect to TDC

2. Where to set the 1 point Cam trigger/sensor with respect to TDC


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The Cosworth 'WRC' has a 36-1 crank and a 2 pulse Cam, the Ford Duratec VCT works perfectly for this setup.


If you have machined of a tooth from the original distributor or the aftermarket cam trigger on the back of the inlet cam then you will have to set ip up manually:

Trigger Setup - Multi tooth Missing

Trigger 1 - Tooth Count 36 = Missing Teeth  = 1 

Trigger 2 - Sync Mode = Cam Pulse x1


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The Ford EDIS system which the WRC 36-1 was based off ran the missing tooth 90 degreed BTDC, and the original Cosworth Phase which occurred 45 degrees ATDC, the cam pulse should be in-between any of the crank pulses.

In practice it does not really need to be spot on as you will set the trigger offset with a light as a part of the ECU setup.


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