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How to tell if my map is safe...


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Hi Guys,

Unfortunately my turbo failed, the mapper said the car was very lean on the base map when I got it to them. They did some tuning to make the map 'safe'.

I have a wideband fitted, and the new turbo has now been fitted, but I want to plug in a laptop and understand what isn't safe. IE is the car safe as long as AFR reads central during acceleration and the car is not leaning out? They made the car run a little richer than it should to lower EGT and IAT they said. On deceleration the wideband goes into the red in terms of being rich. I assume that's understandable on a turbo car when coming off of the throttle.

There's no EGT sensor fitted, so I'd just like a few basic pointers on what to look for to make sure the car is running safe when the new turbo is bolted on and tested.


To add, the AFR guage on the wide-band in the PC link software flies up into the red on deceleration, all other times it seems pretty much in the middle.

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So I just checked the data logging, it's around 12 on acceleration but varies from 11-14 tbh, on deceleration it's high maxes at 20, I assume that's ok as fuel is shut off?

I am worried about EGT with the new turbo, but as long as AFR is somewhere in the middle at cruise and acceleration it should be good correct?

Thanks guys.

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