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Y34 Gloria VQ30DET Thunder parallel install issues


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Hi Fella's,

I'm new to the Link platform and I'm having some drama's with an ECU install. Some background on the install, its a parallel installing with the factory engine computer. I've made an adapter harness which sits in between the factory engine computer and the harness, from there the appropriate signal wires have been routed to the Link computer. The timing has been set to 15 degrees with a timing light, and all the injectors / coils have been checked with the injector / coil test function. When I try to start the engine there it doesn't sound like its firing but will kick and spludder once the I turn the key away from the start position. I've attached the most current saved map, some crank log files and a trigger scope. 


I've run out of ideas at this stage, I'm sure someone with experience will be able to point me in the direction of my mistake. 


Thank is advance!


Engine Crank 3.llg

Scope 2.jpg

Y34 Gloria 13.04.18.pclr

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Amongst a few wiring issues which caused the 12v supply circuit in the factory ECU to die @ClintBHP hit the nail on the head with the timing out 360 degree's. Changed the offset to 352 instead of -8 and it fired up straight away. Thank you all for your help. Now the fun can start after I finalise all the wiring :D 

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