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Link G4+ Atom 7MGTE Supra mk3


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Hi guys! 

My friend have a 92` Toyota Supra with the 3,0l turbo 7M-GTE and we are having a little bit of problems with it and we hope some of you can help us.


The engine is pretty much basic, but have a bigger turbo, different injectors and a Link G4+ Atom ECM. Originale ignitor is removed and there is mounted a DIS6-01 from Nissan between ECM and PnP-harness.

The previous owner who did the upgrades wanted to use the originale engine harness and the wiring into-, and out of the orignale ignitor is directly wired to the orignale coils. But this "piggytail/bridge-wiring" has falled out and the car is not running. Therefore i have to ask you guys for some help.

First of all, I suppose the coils are wired to IGN1, IGN2 and IGN3 pinouts on the ECM (Link G4+ Atom), but do I have to wire Coil 1 to IGN1, Coil 3 to IGN2 and Coil 2 to IGN 3 because of the firing order? 

When these wires are in place I just have the "ground"-wire from the coil-pack harness left. Can I just wire this to a solid "ground" on the engine or is it some kind og trigger through the ground back to a pinout on the ECU?


Sorry for my bad language... 


Greetings from Norway!

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Wire IGN1 to Coil 1&5 and IGN2 to coil 2&4 and IGN3 to coil 3&6 - the firing order in the configuration tab will tell the ECU which coil to fire.

Ground from the Coil can be bound hard to the head / block the ECU does not look for a return signal.

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