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Engine Protection - Fuel


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Hi All,

I am hoping to hear some people share their thoughts and strategies on how they do Fuel-based engine protection and get a little bit of info on how the Link ECU handles duty cycle.

For background, I have Sequential Injection mode with Modelled Multi fuel and FP Sensor for Fuel System Type. With the Link ECU, how is the duty cycle calculated? The reason I ask this is that I was considering using it for engine protection if they were to adjust based on fuel requirements (and thus, drastically increasing in duty cycle if the fuel pressure/supply were to drop), then inj DC% could be used as a means of engine protection?

Given the option of fuel pressure, Lambda, or Injector DC%. What one do you guys use? 


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Duty cycle is calculated same as it would anywhere for any thing.. It's simply a ratio of time active vs time available.. Time available being a full engine cycle.

And there is no reason for DC to randomly "drastically increase" unless you've given the ecu a wide range of closed loop control to allow it to increase fuel pulse duration.


Obviously Lambda/AFR is ultimately what you need to be correct....and is the end result of all the rest of the items being correct, so would be the easiest for a safety feature, even if it needs to be DIY implemented as there are no proper engine protection features for this.


Ideally you'd have safety features for fuel pressure too though.

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