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Differential Fuel Pressure


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Hi Guys,

Did some initial tuning on the weekend on a new G4+ Xtreme installation on a 2zzge and noticed something strange in the logs with the Differential Fuel Pressure being stuck bang-on 300kpa all the time.


Engine has a map-referenced dead-end fuel system (radium tank with built in FPR, vac line run from engine to FPR)

The log shows the fuel pressure on AN Volt 4 tracking as expected (even thought it's lagging very slightly behind MAP), but the expected small variance in differential doesn't show up.

It's setup in Modelled Fuel Mode, 300kpa base pressure.  Only a 3D fuel map at the moment and Charge Temp Estimate table hasn't been configured yet

Any thoughts on how I could get this to read correctly?  I'd like to get it sorted before doing too much more with the fuel map on this one as the base pressure needs to be increased as we ran out of injector in the top end.



post dyno link.pclr

dyno log.llg

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