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fury wiring for subaru H6 3.0R


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Looking for some help to wire Subaru H6 3.0R to a Fury. Can you guide me to wire this list below. Thank you

At this time I'm stuck with:

Intake oil flow control solenoid valve RH :

Intake oil flow control solenoid valve LH :

Oil switching solenoid Valve RH:

Oil switching solenoid Valve LH:

Variable valve lift diagnosis oil pressure switch RH:

Variable valve lift diagnosis oil pressure switch LH:

Camshaft position sensor RH:

Camshaft position sensor LH:

CPC solenoid:

EGR valve:

Power steering oil pressure switch:


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oil switching solenoid LH and RH and the AVLS activation solenoids (ie the VTEC-ish cam switching). These go to any aux output (cant remember if they are high or low side drive, you'll have to check the wiring diagram) You can wire them both to the same output if you are short on aux out's. I cant see a reason you would ever switch 1 bank and not the other

Variable valve lift diagnosis oil pressure switch LH and RH are the "am I activated" sensors for the LH and RH AVLS solenoids. They are actually just oil pressure sensors positioned in the right place to detect then the cam switching has lifted. These go to any 2x DI's and are technically optional but generally a good idea to wire up (and then use a virtual aux that needs 1 or both of these on as your trigger for any fuel/ign table 2 switchover).

Intake oil flow control solenoid LH and RH are your AVCS (cam phasing) controls. You need to wire these 2 individually to any of AUX1-4 (might be 1-6?) - the ones listed in the manual as being able to support VVT PWM control.

Cam pos sensor LH goes to trigger2. Cam pos sensor RH goes to DI 1 or 2 (and set this to VVT cam position)

There is a subaru AVCS EZ30 wiring diagram in the help file with a lot of this.


EGR solenoid is optional (i'd block it off mechnically and leave it disconnected), but if you want it, connect it to any aux out and set the function to EGR   Sorry I was thinking purge solenoid. I dont think you can automatically control this. If you want it, set it up as a GP output on any aux output and set condtions to only enable it at cruise TPS and MAP. You can get an equivalent effect with VVT timing anyway, so i'd really reccoment leaving it disabled

PS switch goes to any DI, its just a switch that flips when it experiences high pressure and tell the ECU it needs a bit more power. It feeds the "power steer step" in idle control. Again pretty much optional if you are short of inputs.


CPC solenoid I dont remember from when I did this. I didnt have EGR either though because it was a jap import. Are you sure this isnt something for the auto box? if you look at the wiring diagrams (can be found on jdmfsm.info) where does this wire go to on the factory ecu?

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