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G4+ Xtreme Suzuki GSXR 600 Trigger Issue


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As above I have an Xtreme fitted to a K6 or K7 GSXR 600. Im having issues getting a Trig 2 signal and rpm reading. It's a 3 wire sensor with 5v, sensor ground and signal. Setup as optical/hall and cam pulse x1. Ive tried going through all the settings such as filter level, rising/falling, pullup on/off etc. Nothing on the scope.

Anyone shed any light if I'm missing something silly? Engine was running fine before hand so suggests cam sensor is good. Turn off Trig 2 and I get a rpm reading so all other settings I presume are correct.


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24 minutes ago, pault said:

Did you power it from 5v also Greg? I suppose you could hardly confirm the sensor pinout for me to double check, I must have it wrong. 

Yep power from sensor 5v supply

trigger 2 to yellow black , 

have used sensor gnd to black brown and trigger gnd , both work 
Sensor gnd was used when i had an adaptive harness to original wiring and the original uses sensor gnd 

current build has Link/Vipec shielded wire for trigger signal and gnd  and  5v running separate to this

Have Vipec and Link ECU's on the bikes 


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Turned out to be a faulty Cam Sensor, and the buggy drove in on a OEM Denso setup. Never ceases to amaze what can go wrong :) 

Bench tested new and faulty sensor to confirm, fitted the replacement, got a good signal on scope and I still could not get it to run, popping and banging etc. Couldn't figure out where I had my firing order wrong until I realised Cyl 1 isnt at the chain end of the engine like it is on a car engines. Everyday is a school day! Up and running sweet now, thanks for youre help.

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