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Quick help with speed calibration


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Hi all,

My digital input for my speed (from the stock ABS ECU) measures 1HZ for each MPH, currently trying to work out the calibration number I need for the wheel speed to allow it to make sense (plus able to use it for launch control etc.

Currently have it set to 3 and here are a few examples of the input and speed output:

3.4mph = 407.8kph

54mph = 6480 kph

62.6mph = 6553.5 kph

Just trying to work out what I need to change the calibration figure to so that the readings match up, thinking its going to be less than 1? Worth noting that the stock ABS unit takes all 4 ABS sensor signals (think they are 48 tooth) and then works out the speed and sends a single signal to the stock ECU/instruments. This is going to be a bit of a faff when it comes to sorting out traction control as I guess I am going to need to splice into 2 of the ABS signals directly in order to be able to get driven and non driven wheel speed - but just want to get the logging right first.

Worth also noting that the Link ECU doen't drive the stock instruments, the stock ECU does as its currently running in piggyback for certain systems although 95% of the engine is being run by the Link ECU.

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