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Pressure sensors reading downward

Jo LeForce

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I'm using a couple of new HoneyWell 1000kpa pressure sensors for fuel & oil pressure, connected to AN2 & AN8, calibrated as 1000kpa (150psi) TI sensor. The problem is that at idle the sensors fluctuate around 40 kpa but once throttle is applied the reading rapidly drops to zero rather than increasing! Any clues what the problem is, wiring, polarity?

Thank you   

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Both of them drop at the same rate or are they different? Does the engine start to stall like its actually running out of fuel? Maybe post a log.

For the fuel one I'd check you dont have the regulator physically  plumbed in to the wrong ports but this wouldnt explain the oil sensor or if the engine feels fine.

Do the readings you are getting at idle look sensible in the first place?

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