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tps signal disabled when car running

Frank B

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i have an issue the tps of my v6 stiĀ 

the tps is not working when the engine is running

if i turn the engine off and just switch to the on position without starting the tps calibrate perfectly and starts

but whenever i switch to run it will stop reading

attached logs and file

Log 2019-02-1 10;11;04 am no tps.llg

Log 2019-02-1 10;11;41 am yes tps off ignition.llg

Fixed1 frank scaling 2 scaling 2 all sensor.pclr

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It looks like you havent run a TPS calibration. Here is the voltage being seen by the TPS input in you "no tps" log. Its changing just fine, assuming you only went to 20% ish throrottle.Your TPS % reads 0 the whole time, but that is because the calibtration is off. It is currently set to 0% = 1.315v, so anything under this voltage shows as 0%. Your actual 0% voltage is around 0.48V so the first 1/3 or so of your TPS movement isnt showing up.


Now here is the TPS% vs the AN volt3 input from your "yes tps" log. Notice that the TPS% doesnt move until you hit 1.3V or so, but the voltage itself (and the real TPS angle) has moved quite a lot already.


Turn ignition on, then go to ECU Controls menu -> TPS calibrate.

This should fix it up. Once you've run this, check that your TPS% angle registers all the way from 0% to 99%+ and that the percentages line up with how much you are actually pressing the throttle.

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